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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we collect connected cars Data ?

LinkByCar allows users to collect IoT data from cars, that are connected to a high frequency network. We have an Open Innovation partnership with car manufacturers allowing  us to use their API to access cars telematics data for our customers. 

Therefore we apply heuristics and algorithms to clean, enrich and process the data streams, and organize and store the enriched data.


How To Get Started With it?

To address these challenges, we strongly believe in the importance of starting with one use case and
aligning the outcomes with the goals of a functional
stakeholder. For example: if the company wants to
implement predictive maintenance cross its connected cars, LinkBycar can help identify the data we need to
collect from fleet, what is the type of
analysis, and how the insights will be consumed by
the service teams to optimize their truck rolls (and
what $$ savings does that represent). Once you
have achieved success with one use case, you can
incrementally scale your Data initiative – across the

Why Now ?

Connected cars growth will outpace population growth for the next 10 years.

It will Generates about 152 millions actively cars connected to high frequency network on global roads by 2020. 

Who are our main competitors?

Our competitors are mainly suppliers of solutions that track connected vehicles, and other players that rate driving patterns for insurance purposes, such as:

What will be the impact on my business ?

1. Boosting user engagement over the driving behaviour and analyze the needed action to increase driving skills and safety


2. Improving end-user experience by providing tailored data-driven services


3. Use the maintenance prediction to optimize service efficiency by understanding asset health  


4. Building better service by gaining user feedback and product utilization data.


5. Save money on maintenance with tailored offers provided by partners in the platform, thanks to the maintenance predictions system