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Linkbycar is a platform enhanced with artificial intelligence that allows behavioural prediction of motor vehicles and the individuals who use them.
On this platform we aggregate all the data collected by car manufacturers.
We sell our technology to companies in the automotive sector and to companies that need behavioural prediction such as fleet managers.

What issue are we trying to solve?

The way people move around is changing, with connected vehicles, autonomous driving, carpooling and the personalization of driving experiences. 

LinkByCar is simplifying transport industry that has become increasingly complex. LinkByCar’s smart infrastructure gives businesses easy access to our world’s key connected vehicles systems and the millions of customers who use them.


Account access

For millions of people around the world, unlocking the potential of their vehicles by using mobility as a service ‘maas’. We aggregate data from open data produced by connected vehicles to offer turnkey solutions allowing mobility as a service on just-in-time flows.

Data enrichment

Key account data produced by connected vehicles formatted for use by third parties including enriched transactional information with data-driven insights.

Saas Platform

With our Saas platform, we help mobility service providers, to discover smarter distribution channels and build customer loyalty by providing mobility services adapted to their actual use of the service.

Connected car will outpace population growth for the next 10 years

152 million taht’s the number of actively connected cars on global roads by 2020 (IHS Automotive forecasts).

450 – 750 billion by 2030 That’s McKinsey perspectives of the overall revenue pool from car data monetization at a global scale

The average data a car will produce each day is estimated to 30 terabytes according to IHS Automotive forecasts. 

Analyze drivers Data

LinkBycar’s platform combines open connected cars data, AI enrichment and a connected marketplace of automotive products and services to create a new generation of mobility experiences..

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

For automotive component manufacturers, it is a question of serving their customers dynamically with a new generation of connected vehicles.

For cars products and services providers a lot of the frustration comes from poor communication and poor knowledge between provided services and the way customers use them.
The LinkBycar platform allows automotive product and services providers to create a new generation of products that integrates the driving behaviour of their customers from the surrounding environment, generates insights and simplifies customer experiences.

Developers first !

Save your team time and dev cycles with detailed documentation that removes the complexity of integrating our Saas solution into your products.
We have developed Saas solution, to make it easy for our customers to integrate our solution.

"With increasing proliferation of new features and services, car data will become a key theme on the automotive industry agenda and has the potential to result in a total revenue pool of USD 450 - 750 billion by 2030 "

– Mackinsey&Company

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